The lab conducts urses on different microcontrollers focussing on different programming languages and industrial applications. The lab also handles advanced level courses in embedded system design including embedded ā€˜Cā€™ format. The lab is also open to offer any kind of services in microcontroller and allied fields.

Training programmes :

1. Microcontroller Programming (8051)

2. Microcontroller Programming (PIC16F877A)

3. Microcontroller Programming Skills in Embedded 'C'

4. Embedded System Design

Facilities :

1. Hardware Training Module for Microchip PIC Controllers

2. Hardware Training Module for Intel 8051

3. Atmel AVR Development Board

4. ARM7 Development Board

5. MPLAB Integrated Development Environment and In-circuit debuggers

6. Microcontroller programmer for 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM7

7. Universal microcontroller programmer

8. Basic Electronic Equipments for design and development support